Membership at Columbine Country Club is more than just another's a way of life. The people you'll meet, the activities you'll share, and the growth your whole family will experience will shape the way you remember these precious times. Family is a guiding principle that defines the experiences we share, the families who live here, and how we interact with one another. We are passionate about fostering a community where you and your family can live in the moment and experience the world in a simpler, more enriching way.

Membership Options

Columbine Country Club offers three main types of membership; Dining, Social, and Golf. Additional options are available for those who meet specific criteria, including members under the age of 40. Dependents maintain full club privileges until reaching age 26.

    • In addition to all dining and social privileges, golf members are granted unlimited access to the championship golf course, the par 3 course, the driving range, putting/chipping greens, the fitness center, the tennis courts, the swimming pool, and the indoor instructional facility. This is the only type of membership that allows a person to play the golf course other than in the capacity as a guest. Resident members have voting rights. The resident golf membership is a family membership.
  • Junior Golf
    • Junior Memberships are available to those under the age of 40 years old. Junior Members have all the same privileges as Resident Members. Junior Members do not have voting privileges. The Junior Membership is a family membership.
    • Social members have access to the dining facilities, fitness center, tennis courts, par 3 course, pool facility, and all of our social events. Social membership is a family membership.
    • This family membership grants access to the restaurants and permits attendance at all social events. Clubhouse members may host business and personal events at the club.
    • A Non-Resident Member is a Member whose primary residence is further than fifty (50) miles from the Clubhouse. A person may become a Non-Resident Member either by direct application or by transfer from another Membership class or category. In the event of a direct application, the Non-Resident Member applicant shall pay the initiation fee as set from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Corporate Memberships available upon request.

Application Process

Once an applicant has decided to join the club, he/she must submit a nomination form along with the requisite deposit to the Membership Director. The club will then initiate a 20-day posting period. During this posting period, the applicant(s) will need to find two (2) member sponsors and attend a new member interview. At the end of your posting period, the Board will vote on the acceptance of your application.

For any inquiries about membership at Columbine Country Club, please call 574.274.6897 or email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Leah Caillier
Membership Director