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  • Code of Conduct

      In support of the Mission Statement of Columbine Country Club (the “Club”), an Operating Creed and Code of Conduct have been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful environment for our Members, visitors, and staff while reaffirming the Club’s operating philosophy.  While not exhaustive, the statements below reflect the manner in which the Board of Directors envisions the Club being operated:

      The Club’s primary goal is to provide a family-oriented social and recreational club environment.

      The Club should be made distinctive by the congeniality, compatibility, and diversity of its membership.  Members should actively participate in Club activities, be willing to contribute and serve the Club when asked and support our dining and recreational facilities.  Participation by our young people in Club activities will be encouraged.

      Personal guests and family members are always welcome at Columbine, with the sponsoring Member responsible for their group’s behavior while visiting Club facilities. 

      Members will be cognizant that they are representatives of Columbine Country Club when they are away from the Club.

      The professional staff will plan, manage and control the day-to-day operations of the Club under the guidance of the Board of Directors and the General Manager.  They will be empowered and supported to enforce our Operating Creed and Club Code of Conduct.

      The Club’s community reputation objective is to be a Club in which membership is highly valued by virtue of its affable, compatible active Members, excellent facilities, with services delivered by a well-trained and friendly staff.

      The Club is committed to providing its employees with equal access to opportunities, fair treatment on the basis of merit, and a safe, harassment-free environment in which to work. The Club believes in and is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, inclusion, and respect. We also believe that all employees should have a right to work in a professional atmosphere that is free from all forms of conduct which can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive.

      All stakeholders are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that creates an environment and culture that is reflective of the personal integrity and decorum consistent with a family country club.  This behavior is expected whether in the Clubhouse, on the golf course, at the swimming pool, tennis courts or any of the dining facilities.  The Club strives to achieve a family-friendly environment, while at the same time, supporting a private country club decorum that is conducive to business meetings and more formal affairs.

      The following Code of Conduct calls for Members, visitors, and staff to conduct themselves in a manner that:

      • Acknowledges the Club as a family-friendly facility where business is also often conducted and refrains from using obscenities and loud, boisterous behavior inappropriate for children, family members, staff or business associates.
      • Demonstrates the utmost respect and dignity to fellow Members, staff, and visitors.
      • Understands that members and visitors will not reprimand Club employees.
      • Recognizes that Members and visitors do not have the authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties and is aware that the Club’s General Manager is responsible for instructing the staff in the performance of their duties.
      • Inattention, neglect, poor service or other improper conduct on the part of any Club employee should be reported to the General Manager or appropriate Committee Chair.
      • Understands that the membership, through the General Manager or Board members, may make suggestions and recommendation regarding the operation of the Club.
      • Acknowledges that we are all representatives of the Club when out in the community, at other Clubs, or while enjoying our facilities.
      • Accepts responsibility for supervision of their children while on Club property.  Children are expected to behave in an orderly, well-behaved manner and to not disrupt other Members while at the Club.
      • Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Clubhouse or dining facilities.  While smoking is permitted on the golf course, it is not permitted on the golf practice areas, pool complex, or tennis courts.  Any other designated smoking areas will be specified by Club management.
      • Will comply with the appropriate dress code for every Club facility.
      • Members are asked to silence their cell phones when on Club property.  Out of respect for other Members, any phone calls made should be done in privacy.
      • Acts in a responsible manner when consuming alcoholic beverages and understands that the General Manager or other authorized people may refuse to provide service to a Member, family, or guest if judged to be intoxicated.
      • Use of any illegal drug substances on Club facilities is strictly prohibited and is subject to Colorado law.
      • Any Member not adhering to these rules or who conducts themselves in an unbecoming manner shall be requested by the Staff or Manager on duty to leave Club property immediately.
      • Most rules infractions will be brought to the attention of the offending Member, spouse, dependent, or guest by the professional staff in a courteous manner as possible.  The Board of Directors shall be the sole judge of all discipline matters.  Before any member may be disciplined, a signed written complaint must be delivered to the General Manager and President.  Complaints will be resolved within 30 days of the complaint or at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
      • More specifics on procedures dealing with behavioral violations are available in the Club’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Swimming Rules
    • The swimming facilities (swimming pool, surrounding deck, patio, and grass area, swim office, snack bar, and swimming locker rooms) are under the supervision of the Aquatics Director.

      The Aquatics Director and lifeguards have complete authority to enforce all rules and to otherwise control swimming so as to promote the best interest of health and safety at all times.

      Swimming is only allowed when a lifeguard is on duty unless otherwise posted.

      Members and guests must register at the swim office before entering the pool.

      A non-member individual may only be a guest in the swimming pool one day per week.

      A one-day guest fee of $7.00 will be charged and regulated by the Board of Directors.

      Members are responsible for the actions of all pool guests.

      Only food and beverages purchased at the Club may be consumed on the Club property. Food and beverages are allowed in designated areas only. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool. Glass objects will not be allowed in the pool area.

      Music (radios, CD or DVD players, etc.) is only allowed in the swimming area if it contains an attached earpiece for the listener.

      Only appropriate swimming suits are to be worn in the swimming pool.

      Running on the pool deck is prohibited as is rollerblading and skateboarding. Games may be in the swimming pool and surrounding areas only when approved by a lifeguard. Tubes and floating devices are allowed in the shallow water when permitted by a lifeguard.

      Only one person at a time may be on the diving board. Swimming under or near a diving board is not permitted when the diving board is in use.

      A child under 9 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while in the pool area unless the child is a qualified swimmer Aquatics Director. The small pool is reserved for children five (5) years and younger.

      Swimmers must stay in the pool area and are not permitted to play or congregate around the Tennis facilities.

      A swimmer must shower before entering the pool. When wearing bandages or adhesive tape, entering the pool is not allowed. Individuals with abrasions, lacerations, or skin ailments may be prohibited use of the pool when deemed necessary by a lifeguard for health purposes.

      Special swim parties may be arranged with the Private Event Manager.

      Smoking is prohibited in the boys’ and girls’ locker room and on the pool deck.

      Grandchildren of members using the pool will not be limited in privileges nor assessed charges.

      If a minor child is acting inappropriately at the pool (as deemed by the Aquatics Director or lifeguards at their discretion), the child will be asked to leave the pool area and the parent(s) of that child will be notified by phone of the inappropriate behavior. A subsequent violation of the pool rules will result in a letter being sent to the parents regarding their child’s inappropriate behavior and the fact that the child will not be allowed in the pool area or the pool for the duration of the pool season unless accompanied by a parent during all subsequent visits. This letter shall remain on file at Columbine C.C.


      Lessons will be available. Please check with the Aquatics Director for further information.


      The swim team will meet every day. Please check with the Aquatics Director for further information.
  • Dress Code
    • The following dress code applies to the golf course, par 3, and all practice facilities. Members will be responsible for the adherence to the policy for themselves, family members, and guests!

      All males must wear appropriate golf shirts (tucked in), trousers, or Bermuda length shorts with socks. Baseball style hats must be worn with the bill facing forward.

      All females must wear golf slacks, capris, or Bermuda length shorts or skirts. Sleeveless blouses are permitted

      The following types of dress are not accepted for men or women: cargo shorts, sandals, flip flops, denim, ill-fitting pants, short shorts, cut-offs, bib overalls, any clothes with holes, sleeveless shirts for men, t-shirts, swimsuits, halter tops, tube tops, workout clothes, high top basketball shoes and knee-high socks!

      All players must wear either spike-less golf shoes or approved rubber-soled shoes.

      The golf committee has instructed the head golf professional and his staff to request improperly dressed golfers to change clothes in order to conform to the designated dress code. In accordance with rules established by the board of directors, those refusing to conform will not be allowed to utilize any of the golf facilities. Decisions regarding the matter of proper dress are at the sole and absolute discretion of the Head Golf Professional.

      *Guest lockers are available for all guests of the golf course and pool. Dressing in the parking lot is not accepted at Columbine Country Club.
  • Pace of Play
    • The Golf Committee is committed to improving the golfing experience for all members and guests of Columbine Country Club, therefore we are issuing our pace of play policy and will be strictly enforcing this policy going forward. All players will have 4 hours and 10 minutes to play a round of golf at Columbine Country Club. Any group that falls behind a hole must either pick their ball up and move to the next hole or allow and invite the group immediately behind them to play through.

      If you do not abide by this rule, your group will initially be kindly warned by a golf professional. If one of the golf professionals approaches you about the pace of play, remember the staff is only enforcing the rules established by the Board of Directors and the Golf Committee. Any comments, anger or frustrations such a warning might cause, should be addressed to the Golf Committee or a board member, not the golf professional. If the issue of slow play persists within the next two holes, the group will receive further instructions form the Golf staff.
  • Caddies/Evans
    • The purpose of the caddie program is to assist Columbine C.C. members and guests with an enjoyable and unforgettable round of golf by having a caddie take care of the player’s bag, give insightful advice, tend to the menial tasks, speed up the pace of play and provide moral support while on the course. Our caddies also participate in the Evans Scholarship Program.

      The Evans Scholars Program

      Sending Caddies to College Since 1930

      The Western Golf Association is a national organization of member clubs. It was founded in 1899 with the purpose of conducting national championships and providing general service to the game of golf.

      In 1930, the WGA became the sponsor of the Evans Scholars Program, which was established by legendary amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. He won 54 tournaments over a competitive career that spanned four decades.

      Originally a caddie himself, Chick knew there were many young caddies who showed academic promise, but whose families could not a afford the costs of college. He wanted to give something back to the game of golf, and his dream became a reality in 1930 when the first two caddies attended Northwestern University as Evans Scholars.

      Today, the Evans Scholars Foundation administers the nation’s largest privately funded college scholarship program. Since 1930, more than 10,000 young men and women have been awarded full tuition and housing grants, known as Evans Scholarships.

      Evans Scholarship applicants are evaluated on four criteria:

      • Strong caddie record

      • Excellent academics

      • Outstanding character

      • Demonstrated financial need

      Learn more about the Evans Scholarship at


From Downtown Denver

Take Santa Fe south to Bowles Avenue. Make a right-hand turn on Bowles and head west to the fourth traffic light (Platte Canyon). Take a left on Platte Canyon. Proceed south on Platte Canyon to Fairway Lane. Left on Fairway Lane to Columbine Country Club

From Bowles and C-470

Take Bowles east to Platte Canyon. Make a right-hand turn on Platte Canyon and proceed south. Take second left on Fairway Lane and follow to Columbine Country Club.

From C-470 and I-25

Take C-470 west to Santa Fe. Make a right-hand turn on Santa Fe and head north to Bowles Avenue. Make a left-hand turn on Bowles and head west to the fourth traffic light (Platte Canyon). Take a left on Platte Canyon. Proceed south on Platte Canyon to Fairway Lane. Left on Fairway Lane to Columbine.